Privatization of Space

With the privatization of space, the race to provide highly technical solutions is more ambitious than ever before.

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Nanosatellites & IoT

370km above the earth, nanosatellites are enabling low-cost connectivity to the most remote areas on the globe.

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Global Network

Despite popular belief, terrestrial connections on earth are not ubiquitous. At SOIL we provide solutions for global connectivity.

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Our history

SOIL Design Group is a research & product development firm with years of experience developing solutions for the consumer electronics markets. SOIL which is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, has premier engineering design services to develop solutions for the emerging and modern day consumer.

Our Brands

Brands that empower the world

0+Major projects underway in 2018
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Zawadi MOBI120
MOBI120 Portable Solar AC Generator
Zawadi Silverback S20
Rugged 20L coolers
Zawadi Silverback S65
Rugged 65L coolers
Zawadi SEM 2
Low cost portable solar energy module
SOIL Ferro Chargers
SOIL Level 2 electric vehicle chargers
Zawadi Silverback S12
Rotomolded 12L ice buckets
SOIL Ferro Portable
SOIL portable electric vehicle chargers
Zawadi Flash ZF70
Low cost solar lamp
Zawadi Flash USB
USB powered solar lamp
Ecoknode STEM
Ecoknode’s solar tower Pay-As-You Go (PAYG) Solar system
Zawadi Stone
Zawadi low cost Pay As You Go (PAYG) solar system

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