We’re bringing power and connectivity everywhere

At SOIL, we are combining Cleantech and IoT to build products for on & off-grid consumers with the focus of bringing power and connectivity everywhere.

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SOIL. Empowering the world with our products.

At SOIL we are dedicated to doing our part to create a sustainable future not only for us but for generations to come. At SOIL we are planting seeds of innovation and bringing life to great ideas. The question is, will you take the journey with us?

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So let’s start with why?

Did you know that nearly a billion people across the globe lack access to electricity? In the same token, over 40% of the world’s population is not connected to the web? These are just a few examples of where power and connectivity are vital to everyday life.

How are we doing this?

SOIL has created a scalable product line centered at the intersection of hardware and software that combines energy harvesting and IoT to aid developing countries, emerging markets, disaster and incident recovery along with powering and connecting smart cities. Unlike others in the IOT space that only rely on terrestrial connections such as Wifi, Bluetooth and cellular, we take it one step further and enlist the use of nanosatellites in Low Earth Orbit to offer a low cost, low power solution to power the internet of things.How it works

Products geared for the next Industrial revolution

If we follow history, there are primarily three things that influence an industrial revolution. those are new sources of energy, new ways of communication and third new ways of mobility. At SOIL we are focused on two of the three with renewable energy and connectivity being at the forefront of our product focus.

We’re driven by social impact

At SOIL we’re not only focused on building great products but great products with a purpose. Our products are used around the world. From providing electricity to a school in a village or a country recently hit with a natural disaster our products enable consumers in the most critical moments. We are proud to be aligned with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Wanna support the cause? Buy some merch.

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Power and connectivity everywhere

At SOIL, our solutions provide last mile energy and connectivity that can enable customers when there is a lack of resources or when a disruption happens anywhere on the globe.

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The industries we serve



Outdoor Recreation

Disaster Recovery


Underdeveloped Countries

Any many more …

Partner With Us

No great feat has ever been accomplished alone. We understand the significance of partnerships. We welcome all corporate and non-profit to partner with us and take the pledge and bridge the gap to a sustainable future. If you would like to know how you can help or become apart of our mission click the link below.

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