Zawadi Stone

The building block for addressing energy poverty

The Zawadi Stone is our building block to address the issues of energy poverty. This compact energy module is geared specifically for the off-grid consumer. The Zawadi Stone allows you to charge and power your devices at the same time. It comes equipped with four 2.1A USB ports, two LED lamps, a solar panel, and all to keep you powered while on the go.

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Zawadi MOBI 300

300 watt Portable Solar Generator

Enjoy premium sounds from an on-board Bluetooth speaker. An Led lamp helps you navigate through areas of low light. For your portable accessories, the unit is equipped with USB ports as well as a 60W Type-C port with power delivery.

On the rear of the unit, you will find two 120V AC outlets capable of providing a shared 300 watts of power. Three 12V DC output ports are also available to support any auxiliary items you may need to power while on the go.

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Zawadi MOBI 100

Compact 100 watt Portable Inverter

With a Mega-capacity of 13Ah battery, compact design and 10 layers of power protection, the MOBI 100 is one of the best outdoor power stations you can find in the market. It has a 5V 3A type-c port, 2.1A USB port, all these powerful output ports makes it possible to charge all your electronic devices! MOBI100 can be charged in 3 ways: from a wall outlet, solar panels, and car accessory adapter. So even when you are in the middle of nowhere, you can still find a way to charge MOBI 100. This power station is also integrated with a 3W LED flashlight for recreational purposes.

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Zawadi Flash ZF70

A long lasting low cost solar lamp

The Zawadi Flash ZF70 comes with a 2200mAh high capacity battery capable of running uo to 22.5 hrs on a full charge depending on chosen brightness settings. The ZF70 includes a 70 lumen LED lamp with a 1.7w solar panel to recharge the lamp even in the most remote locations when sunshine is available.

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Zawadi ZF70 USB

Our usb powered solar lamp

The ZF70USB is our usb powered led lamp. Take this lamp with you on the go along with a usb power source and you’ll be good in any situation. Sold in a single or two pack option.

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Zawadi MOBI 120

A solar charged AC power and USB battery bank

The attractive and sleek design of the MOBI 120 enables you to have not only a high power usb power bank but an AC power source on the go. The MOBI 120 is able to produce 120 watts of pure sine wave AC power for those that need an electrical outlet on the go. How cool is that?!

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