About Us


SOIL was born in a tiny apartment in North Atlanta, Georgia by its founder Kenyon Hall. Kenyon is an Electronics design engineer with years of experience in the consumer electronics industry products. Because of his vast amount of industry knowledge, Kenyon would often be called upon to help companies usher in new products that were being developed. The name SOIL originated from the ideation of taking one’s vision or design seed for a new product, establishing a good foundation for creating the product and finally bringing the product to life. “Just like seeds planted by a gardener or farmer, one expects to reap a good harvest from good soil. Our idea of good product design and development goes hand in hand with this concept”, says Kenyon.
SOIL has evolved from just an engineering design firm to have developed its own commercially available products for sale. In 2017 the Zawadi brand of products was launched for development. Zawadi, meaning “gift” in Swahili, was focused to bring affordable and reliable energy products to underserved and underdeveloped countries. It was our way of using our engineering talent to give back to those nearly 1 billion people across the globe that don’t have access to electricity.
SOIL will continue to innovate and raise the bar for product development. We appreciate you stopping by and sharing in our vision to develop products that bridge the gap to a sustainable future. At SOIL, we bring life to great ideas.

SOIL is a research & product development firm with years of experience developing solutions for the consumer electronics markets. SOIL which is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, has premier engineering design services to develop solutions for the emerging and modern day consumer.​