Our Technology

Let’s start with why

Over 1 billion people across the globe lack access to electricity.

In the event of a natural disaster, power and communications are usually the first to go.

And these are just a few scenarios where energy and connectivity are vital to everyday life.

At SOIL we’ve created a scalable product line, centered at the intersection of hardware and software, that brings power and connectivity everywhere.

What we are doing

The privatization of space a breakthrough has emerged. That breakthrough is nanosatellites. As more nanosatellites are placed into LEO (Low Earth Orbit) SOIL offers a disruptive technology that allows billions of device data to be captured anywhere on earth

  1. The launch schedule is established and rockets are launched into space..
  2. Nanosatellites are released into LEO (Low Earth Orbit).
  3. The nanosatellites establish a connection to ground stations awaiting sensor and device data.

How it works

SOIL offers power & connectivity solutions that enable data to be transmitted in the most remote areas across the globe.

  1. A water level sensor is connected to a water tower in a rural area. The sensor’s data is reported to our nanosatellites in orbit.
  2. The nanosatellite receives the data and sends a message to a ground station
  3. The ground station receives data and publishes it to the cloud making it accessible by a farmer on his smartphone.
  4. This saves the farmer time out of their busy day.

Connectivity Options

We offer two ways to communicate

Griot Direct

A device communicates directly with a nanosatellite.

Griot Gateway

Multiple devices connect through a gateway and then relayed to our nanosatellites.

Use Cases

Track livestock and agriculture

A sensor measures temperature tracks the location of the herd to the Griot Knode gateway.

Provide power and monitor energy use in a developing country

Monitor energy storage for power usage that can then enable preventative maintenance measures like the state of health, state of charge and other diagnostics. Allowing administrators to monitors systems remotely.

Send an emergency distress signal from a remote location

Accidents happen every day. With only 56% of the world population being connected to the web, It is even more important that a connection is available in times where there is an emergency. In a situation where a pedestrian becomes ill or is hurt an automated call to notify an emergency responder that could avoid a catastrophic event.

Track a vessel at sea

Our platform enables ship owners and managers to deal proactively with maintenance, by monitoring shipboard location, cargo, equipment and machinery in real-time to pinpoint issues and prevent potential failures.

Griot App and Dashboard

Administrators and consumers use a web or app interface to manage, control and monitor devicesand sensors remotely.

Industries Served


Disaster Recovery



Outdoor Recreation

Underdeveloped Countries