Over 1 billion people across the globe lack access to electricity. Also, In the event of a natural disaster, power and communications are usually the first to go. At SOIL we’ve created a scalable product line, centered at the intersection of hardware and software, that brings power and connectivity everywhere. Whether it’s a school in an underdeveloped country needing electricity or providing a phone connection to a natural disaster victim to let their family members know they are ok, we have a solution. Zawadi, meaning “gift” in Swahili was a way for us as engineers to use our technical skills to create a product that would “give” back to a greater cause.


SOIL is offering disruptively low-cost and long-battery-life global connectivity. Imagine Low power data connections anywhere on the earth’s surface. We are shaping the future of IoT.

Whether it’s a single remote sensor or millions scattered around the world whether it be land or sea, location and number of devices are no longer the limiting factors to access your data or to make a communication link.

With nanosatellites, we can now securely transfer data to ground stations. Our growing constellation of Nanosatellites at hovering in LEO at around 600 kilometers (370 miles). Our platform can scale to billions of devices and reduces the overall power needed to communicate and thus increasing battery life.


When we say everywhere, we mean everywhere. By incorporating the use of nanosatellites and long-range mesh connections on the ground, we provide a complete ecosystem to manage power and sensor data anywhere on the globe with pole to pole coverage.