Ferro 7000

Let go of your Electric Vehicle range anxiety.

The Ferro line of EV chargers were built with the consumer in mind. You can relax knowing that our fleet of Ferro chargers will be there for the times your EV needs it the most. The Ferro is packed with a highly efficient charger connected to the cloud. With the Ferro charger, you’ll be confident that you’ll be able to get to your next destination.

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Ferro Home

Bring the power of Ferro chargers to your home

The Ferro Home charger is equipped with the same quality components as what you will find in our Ferro chargers out on the road. We bring that same high quality charging capability right into your home.

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Ferro Portable

The power of the Ferro chargers on the go.

Packaged in a small form factor, the Ferro portable chargers can now be taken with you on the go. Just find a ev compatible power outlet and you’re good to go. The Ferro portable works with the majority of all EV’s and includes the same high power charging as our other Ferro chargers.

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